When looking for the most professional and stylish, yet comfortable shirt, there are not many places that will fit all those characteristics. Brand names are mostly stylish and are not always as fitted as one may expect. Yes, good quality is expected from exact measurements, but it seems as though something is a bit off, even with all the numbers.

Geneva Custom Shirts is owned and operated by Eugene Athanasatos, a fine craftsman and a perfectionist. It is his attention to detail that makes his work stand out. It is also why numerous select fine retailers order shirts from him as well. When preparing a shirt for a customer, he goes through the details of the person with a fine tooth comb; he looks at their posture and notes if a person slouches as well as going over their measurements numerous times.

Over the past four decades, Geneva Custom Shirts has had the pleasure of serving many clientele including the President of the United States, the late Pope John Paul II, Colin Powell, and many celebrities. In all these years, the craft has been perfected like a fine wine. Our shirts fit like no other, please take a moment to view our process to see why Geneva Custom Shirts is your best choice in custom fitted dress shirts.